Recent Publications

  • Simulation study for the spectral broadening and compression of a sub-TW laser pulse to a few-cycle duration in a dense gas target,
    D. K. Tran, Y.-L. Liu, S.-W. Chou, S.-H. Chen, and M.-W. Lin*,
    Physics of Plasmas 29 (1), 012305 (2022) [link][reprint]
  • Ion-based high-order harmonic generation from water window to keV region with a transverse disruptive pulse for quasi-phase-matching,
    Yao-Li Liu, Jyhpyng Wang, and Hsu-hsin Chu*,
    Optics Express, 30 (2), 1365–1380 (2022) [link][reprint]
  • Tomographic analysis of high-order harmonic generation by integrating a phase-matching profile measurement with disruptive interaction-length control,
    Yao-Li Liu, Shih-Chi Kao, Yi-Yong Ou Yang, Zhong-Ming Zhang, Jyhpyng Wang, and Hsu-hsin Chu*,
    Physical Review A, 104, 023112 (2021) [link][reprint]
  • Efficient hybrid acceleration scheme for generating 100 MeV protons with tabletop dual-laser pulses,
    S. Isayama, S. H. Chen, Y. L. Liu, H. W. Chen, and Y. Kuramitsu,
    Physics of Plasmas, 28, 073101 (2021) [link][reprint]