Journal Papers

High-Field Laser Technology

  • A 110-TW multiple-beam laser system with a 5-TW wavelength-tunable auxiliary beam for versatile control of laser-plasma interaction,
    Te-Sheng Hung, Chi-Hsiang Yang, Jyhpyng Wang, Szu-yuan Chen, Jiunn-Yuan Lin, and Hsu-hsin Chu*,
    Applied Physics B 117, 1189 (2014). [reprint]
  • A versatile 10-TW laser system with robust passive controls to achieve high stability and spatiotemporal quality,
    H.-H. Chu, S.-Y. Huang, L.-S. Yang, T.-Y. Chien, Y.-F. Xiao, J.-Y. Lin, C.-H. Lee, S.-Y. Chen, and J. Wang*,
    Applied Physics B 79, 193 (2004). [reprint]

High-Harmonic Generation

  • Single-shot temporal envelope measurement of ultrashort extreme-UV pulses by spatially encoded transmission gating,
    Hsu-hsin Chu*, Chi-Hsiang Yang, Shih-Cheng Liu, and Jyhpyng Wang,
    Optics Express 23 (26), 34082 (2015). [link][reprint]
  • Synthesis of a beat-wave pulse train with increasing pulse separation for quasi-phase-matched high-harmonic generation,
    Chi-Hsiang Yang, Shin-Chi Kao, Jyhpyng Wang, and Hsu-Hsin Chu*,
    J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 31, 1793 (2014). [reprint]
  • Enhancement of high-harmonic generation by laser-induced cluster vibration,
    Yen-Mu Chen, Ming-Yu Hsu, Yi-Hsian Hsieh, Jiunn-Yuan Lin, Jyhpyng Wang, and Szu-yuan Chen*,
    Optics Letters 32, 2714 (2007). [reprint]
  • Tomography of high harmonic generation in a cluster jet,
    Chih-Hao Pai, Cheng-Cheng Kuo, Ming-Wei Lin, Jyhpyng Wang, Szu-yuan Chen*, and Jiunn-Yuan Lin,
    Optics Letters 31, 984 (2006). [reprint]

Laser-Plasma Particle Accelerator

  • Electron bunch evolution in laser-wakefield acceleration,
    D. E. Cardenas, S. Chou, E. Wallin, J. Xu, L. Hofmann, A. Buck, K. Schmid, D. E. Rivas, B. Shen, A. Gonoskov, M. Marklund, and L. Veisz,
    Physical Review Accelerators and Beams, 23, 112803 (2020) [link][reprint]
  • Laser wakefield acceleration driven by a few terawatt laser pulse in a sub-mm nitrogen gas jet,
    M.-W. Lin, T.-Y. Chu, Y.-Z. Chen, D. K. Tran, H.-H. Chu, S.-H. Chen, and J. Wang,
    Physics of Plasmas, 27, 113102 (2020) [link][reprint]
  • Enhancement of laser-driven betatron X-rays by a density-depressed plasma structure,
    Bo Guo, Zhi Cheng, Shuang Liu, Xiao Nan Ning, Jie Zhang, Chih-Hao Pai, Jianfei Hua, Hsu-hsin Chu, Jyhpyng Wang, and Wei Lu,
    Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 61, 035003 (2019) [link][reprint]
  • Radiation pressure injection in laser-wakefield acceleration,
    Y.-L. Liu, Y. Kuramitsu, S. Isayama, and S.-H. Chen,
    Physics of Plasmas 25 (4), 013110 (2018). [link][reprint]
  • Probing plasma wakefields using electron bunches generated from a laser wakefield accelerator,
    C. J. Zhang, Y. Wan, B. Guo, J. F. Hua, C.-H. Pai, F. Li, J. Zhang, Y. Ma, Y. P. Wu, X. L. Xu, W. B. Mori, H.-H. Chu, J. Wang, W. Lu and C. Joshi,
    Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 60 (4), 044013 (2018). [link][reprint]
  • Evolution of plasma wakes in density up- and down-ramps,
    C. J. Zhang, C. Joshi, X. L. Xu, W. B. Mori, F. Li, Y. Wan, J. F. Hua, C.-H. Pai, J. Wang, and W. Lu,
    Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 60 (2), 024003 (2018). [link][reprint]
  • Femtosecond Probing of Plasma Wakefields and Observation of the Plasma Wake Reversal Using a Relativistic Electron Bunch,
    C. J. Zhang, J. F. Hua, Y. Wan, C.-H. Pai, B. Guo, J. Zhang, Y. Ma, F. Li, Y. P. Wu, H.-H. Chu, Y. Q. Gu, X. L. Xu, W. B. Mori, C. Joshi, J. Wang, and W. Lu,
    Physical Review Letters 119, 064801 (2017). [link][reprint]
  • Temporal characterization of ultrashort linearly chirped electron bunches generated from a laser wakefield accelerator,
    Physical Review Accelerators and Beams 19, 062802 (2016). [reprint]
  • Spot size dependence of laser accelerated protons in thin multi-ion foils,
    Physics of Plasmas 21, 063102 (2014). [reprint]
  • Induction of electron injection and betatron oscillation in a plasma-waveguide-based laser wakefield accelerator by modification of waveguide structure,
    Physics of Plasmas 20, 083104 (2013). [reprint]
  • Programmably structured plasma waveguide for development of table-top photon and particle sources,
    Physics of Plasmas 19, 063109 (2012). [reprint]
  • Enhancement of injection and acceleration of electrons in a laser wakefield accelerator by using an argon-doped hydrogen gas jet and optically preformed plasma waveguide,
    Physics of Plasmas 18, 063102 (2011). [reprint]
  • Production of a monoenergetic electron bunch in a self-injected laser-wakefield accelerator,
    Physical Review E 75, 036402 (2007). [reprint]
  • Tomography of injection and acceleration processes that produce a monoenergetic electron in a laser wakefield accelerator,
    Physical Review Letters 96, 095001 (2006). [reprint]
  • Spatially localized self-injection of electrons in a self-modulated laser-wakefield accelerator by using a laser-induced transient density ramp,
    Physical Review Letters 94, 115003 (2005). [reprint]
  • Optically controlled seeding of Raman forward scattering and injection of electrons in a self-modulated laser-wakefield accelerator,
    Physical Review Letters 92, 075003 (2004). [reprint]
  • Prepulse controlled splitting of relativistically self-guided channel and suppression of Raman forward scattering instability,
    Physics of Plasmas 11, 1173 (2004). [reprint]

Laboratory Astrophysics

  • Collective Thomson scattering in non-equilibrium laser produced two-stream plasmas,
    K. Sakai, S. Isayama, N. Bolouki, M. S. Habibi, Y. L. Liu, Y. H. Hsieh, H. H. Chu, J. Wang, S. H. Chen, T. Morita, K. Tomita, R. Yamazaki, Y. Sakawa, S. Matsukiyo, and Y. Kuramitsu,
    Physics of Plasmas, 27, 103104 (2020) [link][reprint]
  • Collective Thomson scattering measurements of electron feature using stimulated Brillouin scattering in laser-produced plasmas,
    N. Bolouki, K. Sakai, T.Y. Huang, S. Isayama, Y.L. Liu, C.W. Peng, C.H. Chen, N. Khasanah, H.H. Chu, T. Moritaka, K. Tomita, Y. Sato, K. Uchino, T. Morita, S. Matsukiyo, Y. Hara, H. Shimogawara, Y. Sakawa, S. Sakata, S. Kojima, S. Fujioka, Y. Shoji, S. Tomiya, R. Yamazaki, M. Koenig, Y. Kuramitsu,
    High Energy Density Physics 32, 82-88 (2019) [link][reprint]
  • Transition from coherent to incoherent acceleration of nonthermal relativistic electron induced by an intense light pulse,
    Y. L. Liu, Y. Kuramitsu, T. Moritaka, and S. H. Chen,
    High Energy Density Physics 22, 46 (2017). [link][reprint]
  • Relativistic plasma astrophysics with intense lasers,
    Yasuhiro Kuramitsu, Hsu-Hsin Chu, Lin-Ni Hau, Shih-Hung Chen, Yao-Li Liu, Chia-Ying Hsieh, Youichi Sakawa, Takabe Hideaki, and Jyhpyng Wang,
    High Energy Density Physics 17, 198 (2015). [link][reprint]

EUV / Soft X-Ray Laser

  • High-brightness optical-field-ionization collisional-excitation extreme-ultraviolet lasing pumped by a 100-TW laser system in an optically preformed plasma waveguide,
    Applied Physics B 106, 817 (2012). [reprint]
  • Seeding of a soft-x-ray laser in a plasma waveguide by high harmonic generation,
    Optics Letters 34, 3562 (2009). [reprint]
  • Single-shot soft x-ray digital holographic microscopy with an adjustable field of view and magnification,
    Optics Letters 34, 623 (2009). [reprint]
  • Optical-field-ionization collisional-excitation x-ray lasers with an optically preformed plasma waveguide,
    Physical Review A 76, 053817 (2007). [reprint]
  • Dramatic enhancement of optical-field-ionization collisional-excitation x-ray lasing by using an optically preformed plasma waveguide,
    Physical Review Letters 99, 063904 (2007). [reprint]
  • Optimization of laser propagation in optical-field-ionization plasmas for X-ray laser generation,
    Applied Physics B 86, 25 (2007). [reprint]
  • Experimental investigation of the parameter space for optical-field-ionization cluster-jet x-ray lasers,
    Physical Review A 74, 023804 (2006). [reprint]
  • Characterization and control of plasma density distribution for the development of solid-target x-ray lasers,
    Physical Review E 72, 026407 (2005). [reprint]
  • Collisional excitation soft x-ray laser pumped by optical field ionization in a cluster jet,
    Physical Review A – Rapid Communication 71, 061804(R) (2005). [reprint]
  • Efficient generation of extended plasma waveguides with the axicon ignitor-heater scheme,
    Physics of Plasmas 11, L21 (2004). [reprint]
  • High-brightness soft x-ray generation under optimized laser-cluster interaction,
    Optics Communications 231, 375 (2004). [reprint]
  • Investigations of transient Ne-like Fe x-ray lasers pumped by femtosecond laser system,
    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 40, 2282 (2001). [reprint]

Plasma Nonlinear Optics

  • Photon deceleration in plasma wakes generates single-cycle relativistic tunable infrared pulses,
    Zan Nie, Chih-Hao Pai, Jie Zhang, Xiaonan Ning, Jianfei Hua, Yunxiao He, Yipeng Wu, Qianqian Su, Shuang Liu, Yue Ma, Zhi Cheng, Wei Lu, Hsu-Hsin Chu, Jyhpyng Wang, Chaojie Zhang, Warren B. Mori, and Chan Joshi,
    Nature Communications 11, 2787 (2020) [link][reprint]
  • Relativistic single-cycle tunable infrared pulses generated from a tailored plasma density structure,
    Zan Nie, Chih-Hao Pai, Jianfei Hua, Chaojie Zhang, Yipeng Wu, Yang Wan, Fei Li, Jie Zhang, Zhi Cheng, Qianqian Su, Shuang Liu, Yue Ma, Xiaonan Ning, Yunxiao He, Wei Lu, Hsu-Hsin Chu, Jyhpyng Wang, Warren B. Mori, and Chan Joshi,
    Nature Photonics, 12, 489–494 (2018) [link][reprint][Supplementary Information]
  • Efficient extreme-UV-to-extreme-UV conversion by four-wave mixing with intense near-IR pulses in highly charged ion plasmas,
    Hsu-hsin Chu and Jyhpyng Wang,
    Physical Review A 97, 053840 (2018). [link][reprint]
  • Relativistic birefringence induced by a high-intensity laser field in a plasma,
    Physical Review A 83, 033801 (2011). [reprint]
  • Generation of intense ultrashort midinfrared pulses by laser-plasma interaction in the bubble regime,
    Physical Review A 82, 063804 (2010). [reprint]
  • Relativistic optical rectification driven by a high-intensity pulsed Gaussian beam,
    Physical Review A 80, 023802 (2009). [reprint]
  • Applications of laser-fabricated plasma structures in laser-wakefield accelerators, x-ray lasers, and plasma nonlinear optics,
    Journal of the Korean Physical Society 53, 3719 (2008). [reprint]
  • Backward Raman Amplification in a Plasma Waveguide,
    Physical Review Letters 101, 065005 (2008). [reprint]
  • Degenerate four-wave mixing mediated by ponderomotive-force-driven plasma gratings,
    Physical Review E 75, 036403 (2007). [reprint]
  • Enhancement of relativistic harmonic generation by an optically-preformed periodic plasma waveguide,
    Physical Review Letters 98, 033901 (2007). [reprint]
  • Three-dimensional analysis of collective relativistic electron motion and coherent harmonic generation driven by an intense pulsed Gaussian beam,
    Physical Review A 76, 063815 (2007). [reprint]
  • Programmable fabrication of spatial structures in a gas jet by laser machining with a spatial light modulator,
    Physics of Plasmas 13, 110701 (2006). [reprint]
  • Fabrication of spatial transient-density structure as high-field plasma photonic devices,
    Physics of Plasmas 12, 070707 (2005). [reprint]
  • Control of laser-beam propagation and absorption in a nanoplasma gas by programming of a transient complex refractive index with a prepulse,
    Physical Review E 69, 035403(R) (2004). [reprint]
  • Dependence of relativistic self-guiding and Raman forward scattering on duration and chirp of an intense laser pulse propagating in a plasma,
    Physics of Plasmas 9, 391 (2002). [reprint]

Optical Microscopy and Biophysical Applications

  • High-resolution phase-contrast imaging of biological specimens using a stable betatron X-ray source in the multiple-exposure mode,
    Bo Guo, Xiaohui Zhang, Jie Zhang, Jianfei Hua, Chih-Hao Pai, Chaojie Zhang, Hsu-Hsin Chu, Warren Mori, Chan Joshi, Jyhpyng Wang, and Wei Lu,
    Scientific Reports 9, 7796 (2019) [link][reprint]
  • Reducing radiation exposure in intra-medullary nailing procedures: Intra-medullary endo-transilluminating (iMET),
    Injury 40, 1084 (2009). [reprint]
  • Super-resolution bright-field optical microscopy based on nanometer topographic contrast,
    Microscopy Research and Technique 65, 180 (2004). [reprint]
  • Sub-diffraction-limit imaging based on the topographic contrast of differential confocal microscopy,
    Optics Letters 28, 1772 (2003). [reprint]
  • Non-interferometric wide-field optical profilometry with nanometer depth resolution,
    Optics Letters 27, 1773 (2002). [reprint]
  • Using differential confocal microscopy to detect the phase transition of lipid vesicle membranes,
    Optical Engineering 40, 2077 (2001). [reprint]
  • All-optical measurements of the bending rigidity of lipid-vesicle membranes across structural phase transitions,
    Physical Review E 64, 020901(R) (2001). [reprint]
  • Deconvolution of local surface response from topography in nanometer profilometry with a dual-scan method,
    Optics Letters 24, 1732 (1999). [reprint]
  • Optical measurement of the viscoelastic and biochemical responses of living cells to mechanical perturbation,
    Optics Letters 23, 307 (1998). [reprint]
  • Noninterferometric differential confocal microscopy with 2-nm depth resolution,
    Optics Communications 135, 233 (1997). [reprint]
  • Imaging and profiling surface microstructures with noninterferometric confocal laser-feedback,
    Applied Physics Letters 66, 2022 (1995). [reprint]
  • Nanometer-resolution distance measurement with a noninterferometric method,
    Applied Optics 33, 113 (1994). [reprint]

Theoretical Physics

  • A systematic approach for obtaining the Green functions of time-dependent Schrödinger equations by Fourier transform,
    European Journal of Physic 37, 045402 (2016). [reprint]
  • Laser acceleration of protons using multi-ion plasma gaseous targets,
    New Journal of Physics 17, 023018 (2015). [reprint]
  • A universal Laplace-transform approach to solving Schrödinger equations for all known solvable models,
    European Journal of Physics 35, 015006 (2014). [reprint]
  • Enhancement of proton energy by polarization switch in laser acceleration of multi-ion foils,
    Physics of Plasmas 20, 103112 (2013). [reprint]
  • Generation of quasi-monoenergetic protons from thin multi-ion foils by a combination of laser radiation pressure acceleration and shielded Coulomb repulsion,
    New Journal of Physics 15, 025026 (2013). [reprint]
  • A Canonical Approach to the Action-Angle Formalism in Quantum Mechanics,
    Chinese Journal of Physics 49, 555 (2011).
  • Invariance of the canonical quantization prescription under classical canonical transformations,
    Chinese Journal of Physics 45, 425 (2007). [reprint]
  • Transverse oscillation in laser cavities,
    Physical Review A 73, 033804 (2006). [reprint]
  • Constructing Green functions of the Schrodinger equation by elementary transformations,
    American Journal of Physics 74, 600 (2006). [reprint]
  • Integration of the Schroedinger equation by canonical transformations,
    Physical Review A 65, 012104 (2001). [reprint]
  • Population diffusion and equipartition in quantum systems of many degrees of freedom,
    Physical Review Letters 80, 3682 (1998). [reprint]
  • Energy diffusion due to nonlinear perturbation on linear Hamiltonians,
    Physical Review E 54, 4657 (1996). [reprint]

Materials Fabrication and Application

  • Growth of strongly textured FeCO3 thin films for application in research of nuclear quantum optics with ultrashort-pulsed laser deposition,
    Appl. Phys. A 115 (2), 671–677 (May 2014). [reprint]

Ultrafast Laser Technology and Science

  • Fabricating high-aspect-ratio sub-diffraction-limit structures on silicon with two-photon photopolymerization and reactive ion etching,
    Applied Physics A 79, 2027 (2004). [reprint]
  • Femtosecond self-focusing dynamics measured by three-dimensional phase-retrieval cross correlation,
    Journal of the Optical Society of America B 17, 1626 (2000). [reprint]
  • Dynamic model of multipass ultrashort-pulse laser amplifiers and its application,
    Applied Optics 36, 7802 (1997). [reprint]
  • Femtosecond transform-limited Kerr-lens mode-locked dye lasers,
    Optical and Quantum Electronics 28, 1443 (1996). [reprint]
  • Off-axial pulse propagation in graded-index materials with Kerr nonlinearity–a variational approach,
    Optics Communications 128, 145 (1996). [reprint]
  • Tunable multiwavelength synchronized femtosecond pulse trains for ultrafast spectroscopy,
    Optics Communications 124, 505 (1996).
  • Experimental study of the geometric group-delay dispersion in graded-index media,
    Applied Optics 35, 2610 (1996). [reprint]
  • Spatio-temporal solitary pulses in graded-index materials with Kerr nonlinearity,
    Optics Communications 119, 167 (1995). [reprint]
  • Characteristics of a femtosecond transform-limited Kerr-lens mode-locked dye laser,
    Optics Letters 19, 975 (1994). [reprint]
  • Measurements of the self-starting threshold of Kerr-lens mode locking lasers,
    Optics Letters 19, 566 (1994). [reprint]
  • Wavelength-tunable passive mode locking of dye lasers by use of the intracavity optical Kerr effect,
    Optics Letters 18, 1247 (1993). [reprint]
  • Optical Soliton in graded-index waveguides,
    Optics Letters 18, 266 (1993). [reprint]
  • Adjustable negative group-velocity dispersion in graded-index lenses,
    Optics Letters 17, 1177 (1992). [reprint]
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    IEEE J. Quantum Electron. 28, 562 (1992).
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    Optics Letters 16, 1689 (1991). [reprint]
  • Theory of passive additive-pulse mode locking,
    Optics Letters 16, 1104 (1991). [reprint]

Imaging through Scattering Media with Broadband Interferometry

  • Imaging through animal tissues with cw diode laser based broadband interferometry,
    Optics Communications 130, 317 (1996). [reprint]
  • Rejection of stochastic background noise in low-level pulsed light scattering experiments,
    Review of Scientific Instruments 64, 2550 (1993). [reprint]
  • Imaging through random scattering media by using cw broadband interferometry,
    Optics Letters 18, 546 (1993). [reprint]
  • Spatially coherent white-light interferometer based on a point fluorescent source,
    Optics Letters 18, 678 (1993). [reprint]